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Episode 3  – The Architects Series –  A Documentary on: Archi-Tectonics

Episode 3 Official Trailer

On 14th June 2018, SpazioFMG per l’Architettura hosted the third event of The Architects Series dedicated to Archi-Tectonics New York. Here you are the official trailer of the exhibition.

Episode 3 – Archi-Tectonics

The Architects Series – A documentary on: Archi-Tectonics
enters the headquarters of the studio founded by Dutch Architect Winka Dubbeldam in New York in 1994, with offices in New York, the Netherlands and in China. Archi-Tectonics’s success is based on Innovative projects with a focus on sustainability; over the years the studio has worked on projects in different scales ranging from urban masterplans to buildings, to objects.

Winka Dubbeldam at SpazioFMG – Vernissage

Video of the opening event which hosted Winka Dubbeldam, Architect and director of Archi-Tectonics, who took part in a conversation discussing Archi-Tectonics’ modus operandi and design strategy, with a particular focus on the concept of “New Solids”.

SpazioFMG per l’Architettura

SpazioFMG per l’Architettura is the Milanese gallery operated by Iris Ceramica and FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti brands belonging to the Italian holding Iris Ceramica Group.

Inaugurated in 2007 in Zona Tortona, Milan’s lively fashion and design district, SpazioFMG is now an authoritative meeting point for architecture and the city. Since the year the gallery was founded, curator Luca Molinari has organised exhibitions on the work of world-renowned architects such as Michele De Lucchi, Herzog & De Meuron, David Chipperfield and Bernard Khoury, dynamic Italian designers such as Cherubino Gambardella, Francesco Librizzi and Piuarchand well-known figures such as Cini Boeri, Nanda Vigo, and Ennio Brion.

In 2018 SpazioFMG per l’Architettura changed its look, renewing its cultural programme with a multi-year project presented by The Plan magazine focusing on what goes on behind the scenes in architecture.
The Architects Series, as the new format is called, takes the form of a series of exclusive new videos produced in the headquarters of the studios featured, demonstrating the design methods of numerous key figures on the Italian and international architecture scene in a story told in words and pictures, revealing the modus operandi and the design philosophy behind some of the most prominent professionals in the field. The new multimedia format maintains the gallery’s original function as a place for discussion, meeting, and sharing and underlines its corporate mission of producing the outstanding cultural testimony of great interest to an audience of design lovers and professionals.

Last Exhibitions

Time: June 14 @ 18:30 – September 7 @ 22:30

Time: April 16 @ 18:30 – June 8 @ 22:00

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