15th October 2015 – 6.30 pm | Free Admission

15th October – 20th November 2015
Thursday-Friday 4 – 7 pm or by appointment

To make an appointment for a tour outside these hours, contact: please contact Paolo Schianchi (groups of a minimum of 5 people)

Following the official opening at Politecnico di Milano’s Piacenza campus, SPAZIOFMG PER L‘ARCHITETTURA hosts the important first stop in Milan of the travelling exhibition “Migrant Garden. Untouchable Landscapes”, featuring 40 model houses designed by some of the world’s most intriguing architects and designers with an exclusive contribution by Bernard Khoury for the current edition only.

On October 15 the travelling exhibition “Migrant Garden. Untouchable Landscapes” opens at SPAZIOFMG: a non-profit project presented by seven young architects addressing the theme of contemporary living with the aim of promoting a culture of architecture that demonstrates awareness of the importance of the landscape and protection of the environment.

40 architects and designers from all over the world were asked to participate in the study, which, starting with the issue of forced migration of birds from the island of Pinedo, in the province of Piacenza, use the birdhouse as an architectural metaphor encouraging wider-ranging reflection on the theme of nomadism, interpreted in relation to the concept of dwelling. The result is an original exhibition bringing together 40 different interpretations of the home and the domestic sphere.

SPAZIOFMG is MIGRANT GARDEN’s first stop in Milan, after its official presentation to the public in Piacenza, enriched for this edition only with a new birds’ nest designed by Bernard Khoury, a prominent Lebanese architect and head of the studio Bernard Khoury / DW5. Known as the designer of iconic underground nightclub B018 and the founder of ACA – Arab Centre for Architecture, Bernard Khoury is a key figure on the Lebanese cultural scene. His contribution to the exhibition represents his critical, contradictory vision of the home, characteristic of the Middle East today.

The installation at SPAZIOFMG for MIGRANT GARDEN imagines an exhibition route divided into different landscapes: visitors are received in the first group of little houses on a big reflective carpet, then continue into a forest of pedestals, each of which supports a birds’ nest, before coming to a floor-to-ceiling wall completely covered with nests.

Luca Molinari, scientific director and curator of SPAZIOFMG PER L’ARCHITETTURA, introduces the exhibition featured at Iris Ceramica and FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti’s gallery and showroom this autumn:  “SpazioFMG per l’Architettura is the perfect place to host the first stop in Milan of the travelling exhibition Migrant Garden. Untouchable Landscapes. Like SpazioFMG, Migrant Garden is an inclusive, interdisciplinary, choral exhibition, bringing together the reflections of fully 40 architects and organising them around the common theme of the Home. The 40 model houses exhibited offer 40 different interpretations of domestic space, a highly relevant concept today requiring profound rethinking in our age of great on-going “migrations”. At the same time, each of them represents the specific modus operandi of the architect who created it, offering an amazing, vast overview from 4 different continents.”

with the new bird nest by Bernard Khoury

Presented by: Pierluigi Bardi, Stefano Madelli, Tommaso Maserati, Michel Molina, Claudia Saglimbeni, Filippo Sbalbi, Federico Zucchi.

Participating architects: A12, Altiplano, Amunt, Anna Barbara,  Atelier Branco, Atelier Fala, Beniamino Servino, Bernard Khoury, Building Building, Bureau A, Camilo Rebelo, Eduardo Castillo, Emilio Marin, Fabio Alessandro Fusco,
Filippo Orsini, Forma Fantasma, Fosbury Architecture, Francesco Librizzi, Franco Purini, Go Hasegawa, Gonzalo del Val, Juan Carlos Dall’Asta, Marcio Kogan, Matilde Cassani, Michele De Lucchi, Miniatura, MOBO Architects, MVRDV, Netwerch A.D.G., Nieto Sobejano, Perry Kulper, Pezo von Ellrichshausen, Point Supreme, Rudy Ricciotti, Sergio Crotti, Laura Thermes, Tsuneyama + Nousaku, Unulaunu.

Models for Migrant Garden are produced by ACELL.