25th June – 6.30 p.m

Eventbrite - Sergei Tchoban | REALTA’ E FANTASIA | Cartoline dall’Italia

25th June – 11th September

Thursday – Friday: 4 p.m – 7 p.m or by appointment

For tours on appointment (minimum 5 people) please contact

SpazioFMG per l’Architettura is showcasing the exhibition REALTÀ E FANTASIA Cartoline dall’Italia, a selection of the finest architecture drawings by Sergei Tchoban: Italian landscapes where reality and fantasy blend into suggestive visions full of charm, inviting visitors to consider the importance of design as a research tool.

On 25th of June at 6.30 pm SpazioFMG per l’Architettura is inaugurating REALTÀ E FANTASIA Cartoline dall’Italia. The walls of SpazioFMG will be covered by almost 60 sketches that portray historical buildings from major Italian cities, reworked through the imaginative and creative touch of Sergei Tchoban, Russian-German architect and designer who cultivated his passion for architecture drawings right from the early stages of his career.

“The reflection of SpazioFMG with regard to the areas of research of contemporary architecture continues with the monographic exhibition dedicated to Sergei Tchoban and to the incredible collection of drawings that this architect has produced in the last decade. Amongst the leaders in the field of international architecture, Sergei Tchoban is one of the architects who has invested the most in drawings as a research tool, using them both to transcribe the reality and to indulge the visions and constructions born from his imagination. Preserved at the recently opened foundation designed by Tchoban in Berlin, this huge body of visual materials represents a heritage and a significant source of inspiration for anyone who believes in the value of awareness of reality as an essential basis for practicing architecture”, explains Luca Molinari, scientific manager of SpazioFMG.

Sergei Tchoban has always believed that architecture drawings form the foundation of every project, and has collected his sketches and the drawings
of leading 20th and 21st century architects to the foundation named after him. In line with his beliefs, SpazioFMG per l’Architettura supports the rediscovery of the value of drawing as the architect’s primary tool and is showcasing the exhibition entitled REALTÀ E FANTASIA Cartoline dall’Italia.This is a set of original pencil, pen, watercolour or charcoal sketches that SpazioFMG is hosting from 25th of June to 11th of September.

The exhibition will be presented on 25th of June at 2 pm at Expo Milano 2015 by Sergei Tchoban himself, who will be visiting the Russian pavilion that he designed.